geophysical surveys and methods

Excellence in applied geophysics for construction projects and asset maintenance

SOLDATA GEOPHYSIC is the specialist of geophysical survey non invasive ground exploration with expertise in more than 20 survey tools, including patented solutions « Electric Cylinder® », «Cyljet® ». Optimised solutions in terms of geophysical survey can be performed at each project stage, preliminary studies, design, construction, operation, decommissioning in order to map/profile subsurface targets for detection purposes, infrastructure diagnosis, foundation performance assessment, hydrogeology and geological survey. The expertise of our specialists covers applications in the construction industry and in the geotechnical maintenance of assets.


illustrations of geophysical methods

Geophysical survey

Main applications of geophysical survey

Detection and diagnosis of underground cavities, 
Borehole investigations, 
Geotechnical diagnosis and maintenance of assets, 
Environmental studies, 
Foundation performance tests, 
Inspection of civil engineering assets, 
Hydrogeology and geology survey

illustrations of geophysical methods

Geophysical survey

Expertise in most of geophysical methods for geophysical survey

Patented Electric Cylinder & Cyljet®
2D and 3D Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)
Self potential method and induced polarization

Ground/ structure penetrating radar 2D, 3D; road radar
EM34, EM31, EM38, EM61

Surface and borehole magnetometer, 

Seismic refraction, seismic tomography, seismic reflection, MASW, Cross hole, Up hole, down hole... 

Natural and spectral gamma ray logging


Non destructive testings
In-situ permeability measurements
Infrared thermography